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Project to Avert, Minimize and Address Displacement Related to the Effects of Climate Change

The Challenge

Our Approach

All over the world, the consequences of climate change affect vulnerable people and communities who are increasingly forced to leave their homes because of floods, tropical storms, droughts, glacier melting, and other natural hazards. When people are displaced, the risks they face, the economic, social and environment impacts they suffer can multiply. Making displacement, its costs and corresponding protection needs integral to all efforts to avert, minimize and address loss and damage induced by climate change should be a priority for all actors and at all levels.

The Platform on Disaster Displacement (PDD) is implementing the Project to Avert, Minimize and Address Disaster Displacement (PAMAD) to better understand the issue of displacement in the context of losses and damages associated with climate change and to support measures aimed at averting, minimizing and addressing displacement and its impacts for vulnerable people and communities. This requires bringing together actors and resources across sectors, including disaster risk reduction, protection of human rights, governance of human mobility, development, and humanitarian, transition and recovery assistance.

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