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Submission on displacement data to the 4rd meeting of the Transitional Committee

On October 6, IMPACT and the PDD Secretariat submitted a contribution to the work of the Transitional Committee. The document focuses on “Use of Multi-Sectoral Needs Assessments to Strengthen the Evidence Base of International Policy-Making on NELs in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Situations”.

The submission analyses the relevance of data collected for humanitarian purposes in displacement situations to assess Non-Economic Losses, looking at:

  1. Identifying data that is already collected through standard assessments on displacement patterns and access to services, which can help quantify influence of displacement on Non-Economic dimensions of well-being;
  2. Interpreting data from the 2023 Multi-Sectoral Needs Assessments in Somalia to identify patterns of losses and impacts related with displacement.

The analysis included in this initial document will be further expanded through follow up analyses with data from other contexts by IMPACT and PDD over the coming months, with the idea of delivering a more complete think piece at COP28.

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