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Working group on Loss & Damage and the challenges of mobility – 3rd call

On April 26, the Loss and Damage Collaboration and PDD jointly convened the 3rd call of the Loss and Damage and the Challenges of Human Mobility and Displacement Working Group. The Group attempts to bring together experts working on Loss and Damage and Human Mobility to share experiences and work towards common advocacy objectives.

The call was attended by more than 30 participants and focused on the following topics:

  1. Intel sharing: Transitional Committee meeting #1 (TC1), TC Workshop #1, TC Submissions (case studies and TC2), Sendai Framework Mid-term Review, and any other updates from the group;
  2. Case Studies on displacement, human mobility and L&D: sharing the resources and looking at what’s next for them;
  3. Submission to inform the UNFCCC’s updated NELs Technical Paper;
  4. Key messages synthesis: Call for further inputs, next steps and potential deployment;
  5. Next steps for the group

The slide show that was used to facilitate the webinar is available here, and includes links to all the documents and processes discussed in the call.

Key materials shared by the participants during the call include: 

  • 2 case studies that Climate Refugees submitted to UNFCCC for the first workshop of the Transitional Committee by Climate Refugees, one on Lake Chad and one on Kenya.
  • An analysis of the potential of International Climate Solidarity Levies, Innovative funding source to support the new, and the Loss and Damage Response Fund, by prof Saleemul Huq at ICCCAD.

Please contact us if you are interested to participate in the calls of the working group.

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